The Aéro-Re.L.I.C. association


(Re.L.I.C. for : Research, Locate and Identify Crashes), was declared to the sub-prefecture of Grasse, Alpes-Maritimes,France april 1, 1993, and receorded under the file number 1/10582.

Publication in the Official Journal of mai 5,1993.

The objet being : Research, Locate and Identify the sites of Crashes of second world war planes on the southern quarter of Françe, from the valley of the Rhône to the Franco-Italian Alps (including Piemont), as well as the provencal maritim sector (several members of the association are amateurs or professionals divers).

Whatever the nationality of the investigued planes, the result of carried out work is mainly available to the public by any form from mediae available.


Composition of the office :

President : Philippe Castellano

Vice-president : Christian Vigne

Treasurer : Daniel Ellena

Secretary/Webmaster : Brian Cyvoct

Dive logistic : Sylvain Soccia

Secretary-assistant : Gilles Gauberti

Contacts :

E.Mail :

Webmaster :


Soon and among nearly 250 sites visited to date :

Berre 's Ju 88

Mont Viso's Ju 52

Aiglo's Peak's B-24

Lançon's B-17

St. Tropez's Ju87

Lantosque's P-47

Lucéram's P-39

La Môle's P-47

Gaïola's P-39

St. Etienne-de-Tinée's C-47

Braus's Ju 88

Vievola's Spitfire

and many others to come...

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